The “Why”

Hello! My name is Levata Coleman. Since the age of eight, I have wanted to be a patronne. Free Dictionary describes a patronne as “a woman who supports or champions something.” I likely learned about the term and the practice from one of the documentaries I enjoy on PBS, or perhaps from a Masterpiece movie. The show depicted some fantastic woman who had money and a keen eye. I cannot claim to have either, but I do aspire to help facilitate artists in their miraculous acts of creating by promoting their talent and giving them a platform to showcase their unique point-of-view. It is my goal to highlight the talented people I know and introduce them to our larger community. I have decided to produce an interview series with artists to detail their processes and profile their careers. This series is a big leap towards a decades-old dream.

It is my goal to showcase lesser-known artists and empower them to share their stories of inspiration and motivation. This series demonstrates how each artist tapped into their talent and held on to it through the challenges they faced. Through my conversations with the artists, I hope people will see the talent behind the art, which will in turn enrich the community’s appreciation for their art.

I am not an artist, but I am appreciative of those who create. I was educated, motivated, and encouraged by my conversations with the artists who share the gift of translating thought and emotion into something tangible and experiential.  I hope you feel some of the magic of their stories through my words. I hope it inspires curiosity about these artists and others whom I think you should know.