I have my favorite artists, whose work I have seen in person, published, or via social media (especially during the Pandemic). I have an ever-growing list of artists that I plan to introduce to you. But, this is not just a passion project for me. I hope to encourage an exchange of information, ideas, and inspiration. I invite you to share artists that stimulate and satisfy your desire for beauty, social commentary, or something wholly different.


Different is okay here.

Please know that I would love to make this space cozy and comfortable, like a virtual living room or salon from days long ago. It is a safe space to discover and discuss what is being created in the world at large.

So, who you got?

2 responses to “Who do you LOVE?”

  1. Shantel Wingate Avatar
    Shantel Wingate

    Love ya

    1. Vay Avatar

      Love YOU, Twin!

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