A month ago we were able to celebrate the first season of artists for The Artists You Should Know. The community came out to see the amazing art and enjoy a fun evening in the Boyd Innovation Center. That evening also marked the inaugural event to be produced by Elizabeth: ArtSpace (EAS). EAS is a concept being built to be a little different and very welcoming. So many friends and family lent their time and support so that it could be successful. We will forever be grateful.

EAS is named after my mother. She was at the showcase and was integral in its success. The following is a little love letter to my mother, Mary Elizabeth.

I had all of this in my heart that Thursday evening, but I knew that I would not be able to get through it (read: crybaby) so here is my tribute to my Muse:

You gave me a very kind compliment just the other day. You said that I have always been willing to work hard for what I want. Thank you. I definitely got that trait from watching you. Although you made it look easy, you worked everyday so that we could have a nice and safe life; So that I could be in this, and go there; So that I could experience art and other things that piqued my interest. You made sure that I didn’t go without what was really important — Time with family. Chances to develop my talents. And the space to explore faith.

I am the woman, mother, and wife I am today because you have been my shelter and my mirror all of these years.

In retrospect, I realize that I have lost direction, positions, money, and ‘friends’, but never my place with you. Never have you not called me your daughter. So for the rest of my life and hopefully even after that, your name, and my love for you, will be known.

“Ooh, you’re the best, ooh

Better than all the rest

Better than anyone

Anyone I’ve ever met

Ooh, I’m stuck on your heart

I hang on every word you say

Don’t tear us apart, no, no

Baby, I would rather be dead

You’re the best”

Long live Elizabeth!

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